Christina Henricson

Christina Henricson is the author of Simon's Adventures. She was born in 1973 in Skövde and has been a Linköping resident since 2008. As a child, she had a vivid imagination, she remembers one time in particular when she was playing with her brother that they were Jimmy Knapp and Lukas the Locomotive who traveled around in a locomotive. In 1983 the family moved to Strängnäs and in middle school, there was something called the free hour. Then they could write about anything, and she wrote fairy tales. There was something special about one of the stories. Christina remembers it so well - the missus asked if she could read it. Then she read to the whole class the story of a mouse that saved a fox from a can. Many years later, more precisely in the spring of 2003, Christina was a babysitter for her nieces. She read them a fairy tale and it sparked the desire to write. When they had fallen asleep, she jotted down her thoughts on an envelope. Eventually, those thoughts culminated in Simon's Adventure, which is her debut.

Born 1973
Nationality Swedish
Genre Children's books, Poetry, Feelgood
Languages Swedish