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Lange Book Catalogue

READ  LISTEN  WATCH Unveiling the Treasures: Discover Amazing Books in our Seasonal Catalogue Exciting Discoveries: In our semi-annual book catalogue, expect nothing short of exciting discoveries. We scour the literary landscape to […]

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We Love MindDay!

READ  LISTEN  WATCH Welcome to Minday! We love Minday or Monday if you prefer. A fresh new week ahead and new opportunities. Every Monday here at The Lange Times we have a […]


Lange YouTube

READ  LISTEN  WATCH  Experience the Magic: Exploring Our Amazing YouTube Channel Engaging Personalities: One of the hallmarks of our YouTube channel is the exceptional talent and engaging personalities that bring our content […]


Behind The Scenes

READ  LISTEN  WATCH  BEHIND THE SCENES It’s Friday and what is up at Lange? Before we say thank you for this week and welcome the weekend, here is a word from the […]

Lange Authors

Lange Authors

READ  LISTEN  WATCH  Celebrating Our Authors: The Heart of Everything We Do at Lange Unleashing Knowledge and Expertise: Beyond fiction and storytelling, we pride ourselves on publishing books that champion expertise, valuable […]

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To change route

READ  LISTEN  WATCH Last weekend I packed my studio into moving boxes. I have putty over countless nail holes and painted the walls. Finally, I have cleaned and tried to remove old […]


Lange Contest

READ  LISTEN  WATCH  The Lange Contest: Unleashing Excitement Every Seven Weeks Engaging Challenges: The Lange Contest presents a series of captivating challenges that push the boundaries of creativity. From writing prompts and […]

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Minimalist House Tour

READ  LISTEN  WATCH Happy Minday! Why Less Is More Than Enough In the age of consumerism, the true meaning of our lives gets too easily buried under piles and piles of things […]


The Lange Times

READ  LISTEN  WATCH The Lange Times: Unveiling the Book Industry, Health, and More, Six Days a Week Unparalleled Book Industry Insight: At The Lange Times, we have our finger on the pulse […]

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