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A time traveler in Minnesota?

READ  LISTEN  WATCH A time traveler in Minnesota? Just recently I watched the new film adaptation of Wilhelm Moberg’s classic novel Utvandrarna (The Emigrants), released in 2021. First of all, […]



READ LISTEN WATCH Beowulf The timeless tale of the ultimate hero. Beowulf, an epic poem of around 3,000 lines, is one of the oldest stories in English literature. We’re lucky to have […]

Åsa Uddh

Happy Birthday, Åsa!

READ LISTEN WATCH Happy Birthday, Åsa! 🥳 Today is Åsa’s birthday! We at Lange Publisher wish you an amazing birthday Åsa and hope the day is spent like you want […]


What are they watching?

READ  LISTEN  WATCH What are they watching? There are two figures looking out over a deserted landscape. We see some kind of plain with some kind of forest at the […]

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