Sofie Lagerkvist

""Uncertainty can be as painful as missing.""

My name is Sofie and I have always loved writing texts and playing with words so that they give life to what is to be told in a real and honest way. There is nothing better than allowing a reader to take part in words that can recreate a story or a story to the point of giving it eternal life. Then you feel fulfilled as a writer when you succeed in this. To give it to his audience.
I am a professional in the healthcare sector where I will always feel at home. That's where I want to be as I really enjoy working with people. But it's also a tough and demanding job and sometimes you need to go into some kind of bubble to relieve your emotions and that's where my writing comes into the picture. Writing for me provides both therapy and healing, but also great joy, and writing in particular has existed throughout my life.
Privately, I have a wonderful family with three fine sons and a wonderful husband who stands up through thick and thin. Without them, I would not have been able to get my inspiration and joy into my written words. My friends have also supported me to believe that I can write, that my texts are worth reading, and that I should dare to believe in my dream and continue writing.
And that is what I will do; keep writing!

Nationality Swedish
Genre Short stories
Languages Swedish

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