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It’s the countdown for this year’s Write Together contest. Our Annual Writing Contest has only three months left until the door for Write Together 2023 will be closed.

In November/December 2023 it will be released.

If you don’t send your contribution before September 1st, 2023 you have to wait until the doors open again on December 1st, 2023. And that release will be released in November/December 2024.

So make sure to be with us this year already by sending your stories to us before September 1st, 2023.


“Anthologies are collections of stories written by different authors, so instead of browsing the shelves, you can browse within the book and see what piques your interest.”


The first Write Together anthology was released on November 30th, 2020. You can send your contribution anonymously, with your name, or with a pseudonym. At the moment we accept short stories written in Swedish, Danish, and English, and you can submit several different entries with the same author name if it’s under 15 pages/short story. The subject of the short story is your choice, so it has no theme because we like the idea that every story is unique.

Emelie an independent book reviewer and an editor said this about Write Together 2021 Anthology:


“A versatile and nuanced composition of short stories from several different authors. I thought it was a fun concept to put together works by more than one author. There was no very clear common thread between the different short stories, which in this context worked very well, as each short story stood out and contributed to a reading experience of its own. If you fancy reading several different short stories, this stylish composition is a great fit!”


You can send your contribution here:

And did we tell you that it is completely FREE to participate? All profits of the sale are donated to our soul tree partners @treesisters_official. We give 100% to charity and Mother Nature for this release! Everyone that participated gets a copy of each format themself for free and a discount on more copies if they want to buy more books.

It’s also a big opportunity to show a professional publishing house what you got so we might want to collaborate with your more in the future. So you have nothing to lose to enter this contest!

The anthology will be released in Danish, Swedish, and English, as a printed version, eBook, and audiobook.








Thank you all & Best of luck!

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