Are you an aspiring writer who is passionate about sharing your literary creations with the world? Do you have an extensive collection of intriguing manuscripts that have been tucked away for a while, yearning to see the light of day? If so, we invite you to join Write Together where you can unleash your creativity and tap into your inner writing genius!

Our highly anticipated writing contest offers the perfect platform for you to showcase your talent. With the submission of your short stories, written in Swedish, Danish, or English, you get a chance to be featured in our annual anthology which is available in eBook, audiobook, and printed book formats.

At Write Together, we believe in the beauty of diversity and originality. Therefore, we encourage you to write anything that pushes the boundaries of your imagination. You can submit as many written pieces as you like, but keep in mind that each entry should not exceed fifteen pages.

The deadline for submission is September 1st, and we encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to share your literary gifts with the world. Best of all, we welcome you to join us for free! So, let’s make some magic together and bring your literary works to life! Join us now!

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