The Lange Times has taken the publishing world by storm with its debut on October 4th, 2021!

The founders’ commitment to education and inspiring readers resonates throughout the publication’s content. Each week, the publication focuses on distinct themes across all its articles.

Elevating the learning experience to new heights, Minday features book summaries every Monday that are specifically chosen to enrich your mind and improve your writing skills. Wednesdays are proudly dedicated to posts by our distinguished editor Mattias on various topics. Fridays are dedicated to the topic, Behind the Scenes, with the publishing Manager Lilith by the pen.

Additionally, the publication offers podcasts and YouTube videos throughout the year from Monday to Saturday. Notably, The Lange Times focuses on specific areas like releases and black and gold days occurring on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. To give readers a deeper understanding of its publishing process.

Get ready to be inspired and educated with The Lange Times always release as a blog, a podcast and a YouTube video six days a week all year round. 

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