In our garden where we run our book publishing house and also live, we have a tree.

We have many trees but in our perfect view spot of the landscape, we have a single tree. It is rather thin, tall and a bit crocket. It’s not a perfect tree at all. But despite that, I love that tree so much. I think it is one of my favourite trees in the garden.

My second favourite tree is, a big and thick tree, with big bushed branches, the root looks like an elephant.

But it is not that tree I am going to talk about in this post

It’s my crocket tall tree I want to talk about. I do not know why I love it so much, maybe it is because it stand in such an open place and take all wind and different kind of weather but always stands tall. Or maybe it is because of the view it is impossible to not see it. It stands just in front of you and it feels safe and at home. It is not just me that loves it, our dogs also love it. Whenever they are out in that part of the garden they ran to it and smell and say hello to it.

When I look at that tree I feel love and compassion. I come to think of how I feel when I look at myself. Not with love and compassion. I will turn 50 in July and I am grateful to be alive and have such good health. But I am not as lovely and compassionate about myself as I am with my Tree.

I look in the mirror and see all my faults and non-perfection. I judge the person I am. I look and criticise. But all of a sudden the tree appears right in front of me, and take one of the branches and stroke my chin and my back. ”You are enough”, it says with certainty in its voice and smiles and walks back to its place.

In that moment pure love runs through my body and soul.

“You are enough and I love you. I accept you just how you look and I thank you for my two kids and for coping with all the struggles in my life. I love you and I am going to support and take care of you. I will work with you so you feel better and have even better health and love for yourself. I am with you always, and I am never going to leave you. You can trust me.”

I smile at the crocket tree and say, “I love you and we all are enough. Thank you for the reminder.”

Lilith, Author and Publishing Manager at Lange Publisher

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