Estelle Sjödahl Lindell


I think they do a fine and exciting job at Lange Publisher.
The tone is always friendly and accommodating.
The publisher is characterized by a kind of unspoken desire to always be at the authors’ disposal and to see and confirm every step of a publication.
I am delighted with Lange’s professionalism and constant desire to develop and do better.
If extra resources are needed, they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and provide writers and artists with the means to create.
At the same time, there is a personal and warm tone that makes you feel welcome and needed.

It feels like Lange is on its way to becoming the largest family business in the publishing world, given its breadth across Scandinavia and the will and passion to really publish books – and many!

It’s fun to communicate with Lange and it’s always fun to get opinions and suggestions on how to think and rethink things that don’t work as well.
There is room to grow with Lange and that’s what I like best about this publisher!