I’m soon going to participate in the first book event of my life. Destination: Västerås Literature Festival 14th of October. It will be super fun and exciting!

My sister Anna Widerberg will also be there with her book Tiden är människornas ängel (Visto förlag 2020), and probably Karin Askerin, the author of the first book I illustrated; Jag brukar vinka till en sten (Idus publisher 2016). I don’t really know what to expect from this day of literature, but I think I must try to go with the flow and have fun.

The following weekend I’m moving on to Avesta, Dalarna for the next book event, which is Lange Publisher’s own event at Avesta library. This means that my two upcoming blog posts will most likely be about these two exciting weekends. I have also promised Lilith at Lange to take photos so that all you who can’t attend can still receive reasonably detailed reports on both of these events. (However, filtered through the confused brain of an artist.)

Just this weekend I have been fully focused on celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday and who held a big party yesterday with singing and music. Naturally, I had to sneak some literature into the celebration and so I made sure to bake two wise verses by my favourite poet Alf Henriksson into my speech. Why write something new and mediocre, when someone else has already formulated precisely that to perfection? I thought. And that’s what happened.

But the 80th birthday celebration is taking its toll and today I’m quite tired and don’t feel like I have much more to write about. Therefore, it will be a short post this week. But I promise a longer and more detailed report next week after the Västerås literature festival.

And if you have the opportunity to get there, maybe we’ll see each other! We are located in Västerås library.

Mattias is an author and illustrator