Lars-Gunnar Winsa

""If you don't know where you came from, you'll never know where you're going!""

Lars-Gunnar has a motley background; born and raised in Kainulasjärvi in ​​Pajala municipality with different careers such as builder of power plants, miner, forest worker, garden grower, assistant in abusive care, etc. Social education as an adult in Umeå and since 1986 various social work, since 1991 in supervisory positions. With his background, his great interest in social work has been to coordinate society’s efforts for marginalized people. This is why he has led various local community projects with the aim of including people with exclusion problems.
His social work as a manager has been recognized by the fact that he was awarded the MR-Prize in 2014 by the association Vision “the employer who in an exemplary manner has worked with human rights and carried out conscious active measures to promote diversity and integration and counteract discrimination in the workplace“.
Since 2017 he is a pensioner and activates himself with for example gardening, house improvements, reading, and writing. Currently working on a collection of short stories about different life stories in Tornedalen and has begun a short story about the Finno-Ugrian peoples at the Cap of the North during the Iron Age.

Born 1952
Nationality Swedish
Genre Historic drama
Languages Swedish, Finish, Meänkieli

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