Hillevi Söder

""Writing helped me get through the death of my son.""

Hillevi Söder born in 1961, grew up in a large family in Hedesunda in Gästrikland. During her youth, she trained in jiu-jitsu and also learned transcendental meditation. After high school, she moved to Stockholm to more easily find jobs and be able to develop her training. There she met the man she married and they had 3 children together. In 1995, when the children were still small, the couple separated. The eldest son reacted negatively to the divorce and Hillevi tried to find help for him and came in contact with Reiki healing. It helped the son and she became curious, educated herself to be a Reiki Master, and also underwent training in medicine at the basic level.
Interest in alternative health and crisis assistance grew, and she has attended several courses and education in health and spirituality. She is now also a trained medium and life coach. In 2013 she started “Oasen för alla”, in English “The Oasis for all”, where she offers people in crisis an opportunity for retreat, hosts courses in stress management and medial development, and provides coaching, relaxation massage, and medial guidance.
When the youngest son Daniel took his life in 2010, she wrote to get through the days and dispel the thoughts. This resulted in the book “Utan Dig”, English “Without You”.

Born 1961
Nationality Swedish
Genre Biography
Languages Swedish

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