Daniel Sjöberg

Daniel Sjöberg, born in February 1973, grew up in Tyresö, outside Stockholm. He now lives in Bromma, west of Stockholm, with his wife Susannah and their four-year-old son Ellis. Writing has always been there and naturally also became a profession. As a journalist, Daniel has worked for several of the major newspapers, such as Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, and Svenska Dagbladet. Writing books has come and gone, but in connection with the parental leave from the assignment as a football examiner at Expressen, it gained traction for the first time. For ten months, during the hours the son enjoyed sleeping dinner, Daniel was at the computer, writing.
One and a half script was completed before it was time to return to work, but by that time the book dream was impossible to put aside, and writing continued.
The third script, just as many years old, became the story that got the name Nästan Friends, which is getting published at Lange Publisher 2020. When Daniel isn’t writing or working, the family instead gets the attention. Well, sometimes a football game.

Born 1973
Nationality Swedish
Genre Drama, Thriller
Languages Swedish

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