My work is not a hobby

 I am a person, who seems to turn all my interests and hobbies into professions. Drawing, painting, writing, making music – everything is now included in my company. And it’s both fun and good! It means that I can work with things that I am good at and that I like to do.

But when someone says that “It’s nice that you can work with your hobby”, I usually answer that a job cannot be a hobby. A hobby is mostly undemanding and something that, as a rule, is completely driven by desire. Above all, it is not something you do for profit. But as soon as, for example, I draw with the intention of selling what I do for income, I have left the hobby stage behind and my business is therefore professional.

This is very important for me. I can’t imagine sitting on the drawing board or at my computer doing my hobby. What kind of strange existence would that be? It would be the closest to being similar to a life as an embroidering and poetry-writing noblewoman in the 18th century. A life of distraction.

No, my work is not a hobby! But I still have to have a hobby or several. Even I sometimes have to do something that is undemanding and non-profit-making, but which is nevertheless deeply engaging. One of several interests is insects. And right now I’m in the country, it’s early summer and the air around me is teeming with various insects. I’m in the middle of my hobby as soon as I step outside the door!

I find beetles, bumblebees, bees, wasps, flower flies, etc. continuously. If you were wondering what I do when I’m not writing, reading scripts, drawing illustrations, etc. then I can tell you that I crawl around in the grass or stand with my nose in a rhododendron bush looking for some exciting insect and try to identify it.

Incidentally, in the photo, you see a wasp (Latin. Clytus arietis) that recently came to visit. This nice little beetle plays a certain role in my upcoming book, which is a sequel to Rockrose Resort. In this way, sometimes my free time can sneak into my work, which of course is only good!

For those who are interested, I post many of my insect photos on Mattias Kryp on Facebook. (13) Facebook

Mattias Kvick is an author and illustrator

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