A pre-peak from Lange Studio

Lorry Bar written by Leif Eriksson.

Release in 2024

“The asphalted square was the beating heart of the small town, with a small shopping center nearby. From the square, the city’s business streets led out like arteries in all directions. The town was your typical small town, almost a dump.

To the west and east, the square was crossed by Main Street, a cobbled pedestrian street. To the northwest and south, the square had two more pedestrian streets, the “Waterfall” and the “Chicken”. Both could be considered hints to the residents’ desperation for invigorating culture.

The Chicken ran south for a short bit, and in a slightly uphill until it reached the “Stork” shopping center. The Chicken was cultural to the extent that it was adorned with statues. Four statues in bronze portray the real size of four predators: wolf, bear, coyote, and alligator.

But the zoological diversity in all its glory, when people in the city referred to culture, real culture, it was the “Waterfall” they were talking about. The street pointed northwest out of the square in the direction straight towards the highest fall of the river, hence the name. The Waterfall went gently downhill towards the cultural strongholds such as the library, the cinema, and the jewel in the crown, the liquor store.”

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