Lange Print

At Lange Publisher we produce and print our books ourselves. We print with environment-friendly materials so you can read our books with good conscious. We ship the books directly to you when you order, so we don’t burden the environment so much.

We also have book storage in a corner of some countries to make sure the logistic is as short and environment friendly as possible.

We print our books when an order comes in. That saves trees, environments, and space.

For every order that we sell, we collaborate with our partner’s Tree sisters and plant a tree and help women’s life condition all over the world.

We also focus on digital releases such as eBooks and Audiobooks so our books are available for all kinds of readers. We have our own studio too where we produce our audiobooks with professional and educated narrators.

We have our own shop with the best price you can get to buy our books and it also gets much faster to ship than if you buy at a retailer.

Every month we pack a Mystique box with a book or four and with some fun and cozy stuff for you to enjoy.

Those boxes are limited and do sell out fast, so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any month.

Right now we have a lot of books in stock and are ready to ship. So if you are curious about our books, take a look in our shop. 

We ship worldwide.

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