Gustav Vasa’s entry in 1523

“Midsummer 2023 will be 500 years since Gustav Eriksson Vasa entered Stockholm after a more than two-year war. That is going to be celebrated with a large reenactment of the entry in a historic parade on Midsummer’s Day, June 24. The day will involve many different groups of participants, all related to the day and time. The celebration begins with a recreation of the entry itself in a parade from Medborgarplatsen to the Castle at 12 noon. Then a program on Stortorget 13-17.

Come and celebrate the 500th anniversary of Stockholm’s liberation and Sweden’s independence!”

At the event, our author Magnus Rörström Pellgaard will attend with his book I Vasatidens skugga, Det nya riket, 1504-1520. He will be at the same table as Herman Lindqvist must known as a journalist, author and expert on Swedish history.


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