Åsa Uddh


Happy Birthday, Åsa! 🥳

Today is Åsa’s birthday! We at Lange Publisher wish you an amazing birthday Åsa and hope the day is spent like you want and with the people you love. We are so happy that we have gotten to know you and that we have the trust to release amazing books written by you.  You are truly a treasure. Have the best day ever! Love from Team Lange 💜


Åsa has its roots in Hälsingland. She moved to Stockholm at the age of 18, where she married, had two children, and trained as a mechanical engineer. After several years of work at SJ and after her child left, she retrained as a preschool teacher. She worked for a few years at a preschool in Solna but moved after her divorce to Visby on Gotland. There she worked until her retirement with children of varying ages. Through her profession and her close relationship with her own children and grandchildren, she has gained great insight into children’s thinking. She had two more children in a new relationship. When a daughter, Lina, tragically died, writing became her lifeline. In the book “I Mellanlandet”, she processes the grief for her beloved daughter.

Writing has always been an important part of Åsa’s life, but writing her debut book, I Mellanlandet, took her writing to a new level. Den magiska stenen is a stand-alone book and a sought-after sequel to I Mellanlandet. Albin and his friend Maria have exciting adventures but are helped by the little tinkerer Knorp, who always comes and sets everything right.

In addition to writing, Åsa walks with her daughter’s Samoyed dog Saga. Most often along the sea, where thoughts can float freely and new ideas are born.

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