Lange (24)


The first sentence in the book Banna & Nia written by Jeanette Nyberg

Release September 2023

I think of you when I jerk off” he had said and laughed mockingly.”

What is it about?

Banna and Nia, invite 12 strange women to dinner in an abandoned factory. The idea came about after Banna was told one day at work by a customer that she was his masturbation object.
The comment prompts her to try to bring about a change. Together with Nia, they write a script, without a finished ending, for the intended evening.
The initiative would offer much more than they could ever imagine, or even prepare for…

Banna and Nia is a depiction of society in the aftermath of the #Metoo movement. The book draws inspiration from the Swedes Mia Skäringer and Anna Mannheimer’s podcast.