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It’s Friday and it has been, as often a very busy week. We have printed a lot of books and sent a lot of packages. We have been busy with Autumn’s releases and coordinating our worldwide team. The week has been wrapped up so to speak. I sit here this Friday and continue to add our amazing reviews from so many of you who have read our books. We have moved to another website domain and the reviews have not yet been added. 

When I sit here I feel so grateful for all that is happening. Everything does not go as planned, but now after more than ten years in this business I have a sense of safety and that everything is okay. Everything is not going to go as planned, but it is okay. All is good and we all do as well as we can. We work with a pure heart and a determination that we will move on, even if it’s slow pace sometimes. Slow is better than nothing. But then again, when I look back on these ten years,  a lot has happened and I am proud of our pace. 

This year we will celebrate ten years as a publisher house. Ten years in September. It has been so fun but also hard sometimes. Or quite often if I shall be honest. But when it’s hard, I often go back and read reviews of our company and of our books. That gives me the strength to carry on. Because there is something that Lange Publisher never does, gives up. We are here to stay and continue to release great and acclaimed books and collaborate with amazing writers that want to become authors. We believe in them and help them in any way we can to fulfil their dream. They are the heart of what we do.

We always have new things to try out and we are growing, slowly but very steadily. In fact, we are growing at exactly the right pace we want. We are going to release new books in all formats and many languages. We will release a new and very solid education at Lange Academy and many writing courses, we will have Mystique boxes for those who want a bit extra with their reading. And we are going to enter a new continent to explore. 

I will end my letter by saying Thank you so much for everyone’s interest in buying, reviewing and talking about our books. We are so grateful. It is you who makes this possible.

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend. Hope it is filled with joy and happiness. I will go to a rock concert with my family here in my hometown in Denmark and listen to great music such as D.A.D. and it is going to be amazing.  


Publishing Manager at Lange Publisher 

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