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It’s Friday and what is up at Lange? Before we say thank you for this week and welcome the weekend, here is a word from the Publishing Manager Lilith.

Wow, July is almost over too. How fast didn’t this month go? Soon it will be August and we will continue our untired work in our little Publishing house. But I must confess. I am tired and I need a little break. So I will be resting some and come back even stronger. We have so much exciting news at Lange Publisher and as soon as we can, we will give you more details.

I leave you with a poem I wrote and hope you have the best life ever and allow you to rest when needed. 


When you are tired

Learn to rest not quit 

I know life can be hard 

I know life can be lonely

But just rest and come back to your place again 

Rest and have faith in all that are in your life

You are strong

You are beautiful

You matter

You are loved

You have all the people in your life that matter

Leave the rest to be

They have their journey to make

Their journey is not yours

Let them go

Take nothing personal

Love yourself

Be kind to yourself

You have what it takes

You have all the love

Focus on the good stuff and don’t worry about the future

Leave the past

Rest little darling

The more stressed you are 

The more rest you need

Rest in peace even when you are alive

You deserve all the beauty in the world

And the beauty is inside you

Let peace come in and let the fight go away

Rest and everything will be alright 


Lilith is an Author and Publishing Manager at Lange Publisher

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