It’s Friday and what is up at Lange? Before we say thank you for this week and welcome the weekend, here is a word from the Publishing Manager Lilith.

Happy Weekend!

So Mattias posted a blog on Wednesday about the lost books and it has finally left the terminal. If you have not read or listened to it, please do, it is a very funny and spot-on post. You can read it here, or listen to it on our Podcast or watch it on our YouTube channel. 

The lost package has finally arrived and is now waiting for us to pick it up. But now none of us can pick it up and Bring and Coolrunner does not want to help us. So starting yesterday, all collaboration has been canceled with both Bring and Coolrunner. We will sadly never use them again. They did nothing to help us and the package was stuck at the terminal for over one week. They could have resent it to Mattias’ home address or sent it back to us and let us get our money back. But no, they think the shipping is our fault and they are very pleased with themselves. How lovely that must feel, to let your customer down and still feel like a million dollars. 

The package will after one more week be sent back to us here in Denmark. So that package had a bit of vacation around Denmark and Sweden and spent their whole vacation in a terminal and now at a pick-up place in Sweden. What a dream vacation. 

When the package comes home after its vacation, I will take the ferry and meet up with Mattias to give him the package. That seems to be the surest way to deliver packages from Denmark to Sweden. But at least, that way we get the chance to meet Mattias. And that will be exciting. 

But hey what an exciting life that package has had and those books have a lot to tell you. So make sure to buy them when they arrive in our Swedish warehouse at Mattias’ and listen to what they have to tell you.

Right now, the team are collecting some posts and videos to be shown on Brijdeep Kaur’s Instagram as we are going to be guest bloggers there for the whole day on the 31st of October. We are planning to show different posts during that day. Hope you follow hers and our Instagram to see it!

I will write more about our guest day on her Instagram next Friday.

So have a nice weekend, keep your pencil sharp and be creative this weekend.