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It’s Friday and what is up at Lange? Before we say thank you for this week and welcome the weekend, here is a word from the Publishing Manager Lilith.

Happy Weekend!

O.P.A: Our Precious Authors – Empowering Writers and Fostering Community

Writing can be a solitary journey, often filled with challenges and self-doubt. At Lange Publisher, we recognize the importance of supporting and nurturing talented writers to reach their full potential. It is our passion to help writers. That’s why we are proud to introduce “O.P.A: Our Precious Authors,” a comprehensive mentorship and writing community program designed to empower writers, helping them hone their craft while creating a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of O.P.A and how it ensures that our authors never feel alone on their writing journey.

O.P.A is our mentorship and writing community where you get exclusive access to our professional team wherever you are in your writing process. That means that we are with you from your first idea, to publishing your manuscript and beyond.  For example, if you have an idea that you want to brainstorm about with a professional publishing house, we can help you. If you get stuck while writing your manuscript, we are also here to help you. Wherever you are in the process we are there for you. You can send us part of your manuscript before it is finished for feedback at no extra cost.

This is also a great place to be if you want to publish books more often and write a lot of manuscripts. But it is also a great place to be if you write slowly and have no hurry to publish a lot. You get our tools and insights that suit you.  

What you get:

Personalized Mentorship:

O.P.A offers a personalized mentorship program that connects aspiring and established authors with industry professionals who are passionate about nurturing talent. Our mentors provide invaluable guidance, offering valuable insights, constructive feedback, and practical advice to help authors refine their writing skills and develop their unique voices. With one-on-one mentorship, authors have the opportunity to receive tailored support and encouragement as they navigate the creative process.

Craft Development and Workshops:

The O.P.A program goes beyond mentorship by offering a range of workshops and resources dedicated to honing the craft of writing. From sessions on story structure and character development to workshops on editing and revision techniques, we ensure that our authors have access to a comprehensive toolkit of skills and knowledge. Through these educational resources, authors can develop their storytelling abilities and strengthen their writing prowess. You also get a discount on our writing courses.

Accountability and Goal Setting:

Writing can be an arduous journey, and self-doubt often surfaces along the way. O.P.A provides a supportive community that fosters accountability, motivation, and goal-oriented progress. By setting achievable milestones and facilitating regular check-ins, we encourage authors to stay focused, cultivate discipline, and overcome obstacles. Together, we celebrate achievements and provide the support needed to keep authors motivated and inspired throughout their writing journey.

Peer Support and Networking Opportunities:

Feeling connected to a community of like-minded individuals is crucial for writers. O.P.A offers a thriving network of fellow authors, creating an environment where they can connect, collaborate, and share experiences. Through exclusive forums, online groups, and community events, authors have the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships, exchange ideas, and find support from others who understand the challenges and triumphs of the writing process.

Publishing Pathway and Opportunities:

As an extension of Lange Publisher, O.P.A aims to pave the way for talented authors to showcase their work. Participants in the program are given priority consideration for publication opportunities within our publishing house. O.P.A authors can benefit from a direct pathway to publishing, ensuring their stories reach a wider audience while receiving the support and expertise of our experienced editorial and marketing teams. You also get an invite to participate in our annual short story anthology Write Together.

Lifelong Support and Community Engagement:

O.P.A is not just limited to the duration of a writing project; it is a lifelong support system. Even after the completion of a manuscript or the publishing process, members continue to benefit from the O.P.A community. We offer ongoing resources, networking events, and continued engagement to foster growth, inspire creativity, and provide a platform for sharing successes and challenges. 


O.P.A: Our Precious Authors is a transformative mentorship and writing community program that empowers writers to write their best while ensuring they never feel alone on their writing journey. Through personalized mentorship, craft development, peer support, and networking opportunities, O.P.A fosters a sense of belonging, motivation, and growth for our precious authors. With a pathway to publication and lifelong support, Lange Publisher is committed to providing an enduring and nurturing home for writers, empowering them to share their stories with the world. Join O.P.A and embark on a writing journey where support, growth, and creative excellence are our guiding principles.

The price for our O.P.A mentor and writing community is only 500 DKK per month. (We put aside 300 DKK for your next script at a discount every month.) You can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

We can’t wait for you to join us! 

Welcome to Lange, where dreams come true.