It’s Friday and what is up at Lange? Before we say thank you for this week and welcome the weekend, here is a word from the Publishing Manager Lilith.

Happy Weekend!

On Tuesday we were invited as guest bloggers on a Swedish book influencer’s Instagram. 

We got to show our company the whole day. It was exciting. 

We chose to show eight different posts during the day.

We showed who we are and told a bit about us and our mission. We also showed a few of our Swedish books. We talked about our Webshop where you all can get acclaimed books for unbeatable prices and worldwide shipping. One post was about our writing and mentorship community O.P.A. In O.P.A everyone who wants and needs can sign up and become a member of a community of writers and mentors. Our new educational program Lange Academy was also mentioned, and we told everyone what we have to offer and what an amazing program that is. Last but not least we talked about our annual writing contest called Write Together which has just closed the doors for contributions for this year’s release, but will open the doors on the 1st of December for the 2024 release. 

Write Together is a very special project at Lange Publisher. Here we receive shorter texts from unknown or known writers all over the world and for every sold copy of this release we give the profit to charity. So with your text, you get the chance to show your text to others and at the same time contribute to a better world, for free. 

Every product we sell in our webshop is important to us. We want to support the authors of course so they get something for their hard work on writing, but we also want to heal the world. So for every sale, we plant a tree and help humankind all over the world together with our partner treesisters.

Writing is a collaboration in our eyes. You need to collaborate to get published, you need to collaborate to get your words out there. And you need to collaborate to make the text as sharp and good as possible. When you have a text and want to get it out you need to collaborate to do that. So that writing is a solitary work is not quite true. You may sit alone and write but you are not alone. You have your characters and your dream with you and with the best collaboration, your text and characters get to live and be read by others. 

And if you still feel lost and alone, we welcome you to our amazing writing and mentorship community O.P.A, a professional publishing house that is with you every step of the way and beyond and together we make your dream come true and also heal the world.