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Founded in 2013, with the belief that change comes from being a deeper connection with a robust and diverse network of humans, we share stories of individuals that reveal how interconnected we truly are.


Finding new ways of bringing stories. We scan new media landscapes and spot budding authors – indeed, many have done so and have already brought new talent to the market with number-one bestsellers.

We offer everything related to story production. We call ourselves an exclusive publisher and have chosen to have a small volume of publishing per year, focusing on high-quality stories and authors we are passionate about, with the goal of achieving long-term partnerships and books that reach out and live forever.


Team of book-loving professionals. Our dedicated team of publishing professionals is committed to helping authors realize their very best work and to finding innovative new ways of bringing stories and ideas to audiences worldwide.

“When writers gather, something powerful happens. When we write and create together we grow together. To write doesn’t need to be lonely. With the right support and help, your words can do magic. We need to gather, inspire and encourage each other.” ~ Lange Publisher


We focus on having close, open contact with all our authors, whom we see as equally important, and we are happy to put in the time and commitment. We focus on both digital and psychical releases. We believe that everyone has a story within them, which is worth listening to, and everyone has something to bring to the world, fiction as non-fiction, with our professional help that can be a reality for anyone. With our support and close cooperation, your dream can be realized and you will grow with us. We will support you anywhere in your writing journey and support you after you become an Author. Our hope is when you get a contract with us, you will have the desire to write more and stay with us. You will see the value of collaboration with us. We hope your book will be read worldwide and be a success. We offer various services and arrange courses with a focus on writing and growing. You can hire us for external services. We have everything you need under one roof so that you can focus on your dream. We publish books that live forever. Lange is active worldwide. We do everything regarding your publication ourselves with the help of our worldwide team. You will get your book released in at least three languages, with a focus on more.

“You only need one that believes in you. Just ONE.” ~ Lange Publisher

Lange Publisher. You have arrived. Everything you need under one roof.


Frederikshavn, Denmark


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Read Reviews by our Clients

“Lilith Linda has an empathic personality which makes for a nice dialogue. I have not published books at Lange but received support in my own writing process. Lange works closely with their writers and makes careful choices. If you have just started and need tutor help, or support in the process, or want to release your book, please take a look at Lange, a small and personal publisher with a big heart.”

Charlotta Lagerberg Thunes

/ Author

“Lilith Linda is a true person, interested in the history of each unique person. The interest in stories taken from the life story and life perspective of the little man gets every person she comes into contact with to grow … grow and believe in themselves. To “look” between the lines and beyond the words to “truly” get to know the individual behind all roles of life, is Lilith’s greatness!”

Jonas Appelgren

/ Author

"I think you do a fine and exciting job at Lange Publisher. The tone is always friendly and accommodating. The publisher is characterized by a kind of unspoken desire to always be at the authors' disposal and to see and confirm every step in a publication. I am delighted with Lange's professionalism and constant desire to develop and do better. If extra resources are needed, they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and provide writers and artists with the means to create. At the same time, there is a personal and warm tone that makes you feel welcome and needed. It feels like Lange is on its way to becoming the largest family business in the publishing world, given its breadth across Scandinavia and the will and passion to really publish books - and many! It's fun to have communication with Lange and it's always fun to get opinions and suggestions how to think and rethink things that don't work as well. There is room to grow with Lange and that's what I like best about this publisher!"

Estelle Sjödahl Lindell

/ Chief Creative

“Thank you, for your comprehensive work with my manuscript! You have really gone through my text in-depth, and it feels so professional and absolutely wonderful. I will get started and work immediately with it. You do not realize how much I appreciate your commitment and your comments. It feels great to collaborate with someone who sees opportunities instead of difficulties, someone who is also able to manage such a big project. From the very first contact with you at Lange, I felt that you were quite right for me. You are such talents! If you have just finished writing your first novel or perhaps a short story, you will receive a lot of professional help from this publisher. I myself especially benefited from the solid editorial work that my editor did for me. As an author at Lange, you also get more influence over the design and cover of the book, which I especially appreciate.”

Harriette Sjödahl

/ Author

“Thank you, for the beautiful book cover of the book “Det började med Barnet”, it’s amazing and just the way I wanted it! During our collaboration with my book manuscript, Lange has shown great commitment and has come up with many possible solutions to problems we encountered during our joint work with the text. Lange is very competent with excellent attention to detail, they are professional and positive. I can recommend anyone looking for a partner in the publishing industry to contact Lange.”

Ethel Hedström

/ Author

”Lange has taken good care of me as a new writer. They are helpful and professional and I can highly recommend them. I’m looking forward to the release of my book in September.”

Hillevi Söder

/ Author

“Lange meets all expectations of a professional publisher. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual trust, great creativity, and great joy. In particular, I appreciate the response that I receive continuously. Your sensitivity to the text gives confidence and my book could not end up in safer hands! Thank you once again for all the work and all the time you put into my script. Through Lange, a new door has been opened and I have the pleasure of continuing to write”


/ Author

“Thank you, Lange, for the amazingly nice response and professional opinion which led to my book being given YES for publication. Thank you too for the dedication and interest that you have shown. What you do and what you deliver are absolutely incredible. Passionate people who take the whole world in their arms.”


/ Author

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur “I have been involved with Lange since the beginning of this year, 2018 in my own novel project. They have been friendly and cooperative and the partnership feels professional and flexible. I can fully recommend them.”

Göran Brohammer

/ Author

“Boy, oh, boy. WOW! I do not have to say more than that, huh? But for safety’s sake, so that there will be no misunderstandings … WOW, WOW, WOW. My book cover is so beautiful. I love it. Love. You are awesome.”

Daniel Sjöberg

/ Author

“Lilith Linda, you’re so damn good at this. You have the eyes of a hawk. Very good support and knowledgeable help for new authors.”

Bengt Rålin

/ Author

“I will release my debut book at Lange. I have had good and nice treatment and look forward to further cooperation!”

Magnus Rörström Pellgaard

/ Author

“Personal treatment and knowledgeable help!”

Åsa Uddh

/ Author

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