It’s Friday. Another week has come and gone. Before we say thank you for this week and welcome the weekend, here is a word from the Publishing Manager Lilith

This week I had a Birthday. And not just any Birthday, but I turned 50 years old! Imagine 50 freaking years! If I got to live to 100 years this is me halfway there. But probably I will not be 100 years. That is not that normal even today, but I think I still have some way to go. Well, I had a Birthday on Tuesday the 11th of this week. It was a rainy Birthday. But it was nice. It was relaxing to just be home in my comfort and work a bit. Yes, I worked on my 50th Birthday. Because I just love my work! I wrote and worked in the studio. But I also went for a ride in our 2CV with the kids. The kids are not that small anymore and should not be called the kids. But hey, they always will be kids to me.

And I got a pizza. I truly love pizza.

So overall it was a perfect Birthday.

Two days before my Birthday I got a package in my mailbox. It was from my best friend and an author of ours. It contained a beautiful notebook, with flowers and leaves on it. And a purple pen to go with it. Purple! My favourite!

And if that was not enough, I also got a beautiful pearl necklace with gold and turquoise stones! I was truly happy and so grateful. My friend had written a beautiful letter to me on a piece of paper with flowers on it. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

She was the first that wrote to my Publishing house, Lange Publisher when I started ten years ago. Her manuscript was accepted and was one of the first we released. I love that book and I love that woman!

She and I didn’t know each other before she wrote to me about her manuscript. But after that day ten years ago, we have been best friends. She turned 50 the years in 2015 and I got the chance to celebrate her. Now it is me that is 50 years. And with that amazing friend, my lovely kids, my wonderful dogs and my truly inspiring work I am more happy than I have ever been.

I have so much more to explore and discover and I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years are going to be like.

Lilith is an Author and Publishing Manager at Lange Publisher

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